Why Strength Training Matters

strength trainingWhen it comes to fitness, there is far more publicity given to cardiovascular activities as compared to strength training. Cardio is perhaps best known because of its ability to promote heart health and weight loss. Strength training is however necessary, and not just for those who participate in bodybuilding. What many may not realize is that unless you work on your muscles as well, you run the risk of trading them in for fat. In fact, the more muscle you carry, the higher a metabolism you have. You can actually consume more food without gaining as much weight. Your ability to burn fat is enhanced when you make strength training a part of your exercise plan.

As we age, our ability to replace muscle tissue slows down. Strength training helps to strengthen existing muscle, slow down their deterioration and replace them. Adults lose about half a pound of muscle each year, making them slowly weaker and less energetic. We also lose more bone density and flexibility as we age. With stronger muscles, there is not only more flexibility of joints, but also better protection against injuries to bones. Those that engage in even moderate strength training have also been found to suffer less severe bouts of arthritis and osteoporosis. Building muscle also helps to ensure better balance and mobility. This is why seniors are advised to make strength training an essential part of their fitness routine.

Strength training is also the best way to achieve good muscle growth amongst women. Some women may be concerned that they may grow large muscles that are often undesirable aesthetically. In reality, women lack the necessary testosterone levels to make for large muscles without concentrated effort. The appearance of the muscles is likely to be lean with moderate strength training. Women will find it easier to lift heavy objects and control their body fat with weight and resistance training. Many women also find their body shape is better defined when they have undertaken strength training. Muscle helps to better bring out their shape and has been linked to improved levels of body confidence.

Weight control is greatly improved with strength training. Managing weight once weight loss goals have been achieved can be very hard. Building muscle is a great way to heighten your metabolism and ensure lower fluctuations in weight. As women age, their ability to burn fat declines. This action can be negated by building more muscle.

Engaging in strength training is actually quite simple as you have the option of using your own weight or that of fitness equipment to generate the required resistance or weight lifting challenge. Weight training is also something you can easily add to your routine as most people undertake thrice-weekly 20 minute sessions. Many report feeling and seeing positive changes in their body with just a few weeks.

When you start any form of training, it is best to get guidance from a fitness instructor. This is particularly important when determining the most suitable weights to begin with. If you stick to your strength-training program, you should be able to gradually rise through the weight classes for a bigger challenge. Remember to leave at least a day in between training sessions so as to give your muscles adequate time to heal.


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Easy To Do Workout Routines

For professionals and working moms, it is just too difficult to find time to exercise especially when you have several things to attend to and the time to finish everything is not even enough. But with inactivity resulting to negative health repercussions, it is essential that you find time to exercise even you are at home or at your workplace. There are easy workout routines that you can easily do without the need for any sports equipment or a large space.

Health Benefits of Exercise

No matter how busy you are, you should take time to exercise. There are various health benefits that you can get when you are physically active. Leading a sedentary lifestyle exposes you at higher risk of various diseases and illnesses. Many research studies have shown that with regular exercise, you can reduce the risk of premature death, boost your immune system and strengthen body parts and system for a healthier and stronger you.

fitness chairChair Dips

Who says you cannot stretch your muscles even if you are doing something? By using a chair, you can actually have a few minutes of exercise. With chair dips, you can just sit on the edge of a stair. Put your hands to your hips then slide to the edge while you bend your elbows. Do this 10 to 12 times. This exercise does not require you to have a large space and you can do it anywhere as long as you have a sturdy hair.

butterfly absButterfly Abs

When you are watching TV or when you are resting at home, you can find time to have this exercise. Butterfly abs exercise can help you reduce fat belly and form nice abs. To do this routine, you can just lie on your back and have your feet aligned together. Relax your knees then put your hands at the back of your head. Start lifting the chest and release it back down. Do this routine 10 to 12 times.

chair squatsChair Squats

Another great exercise that you can try using a chair is chair squat. You can do this exercise anytime and anywhere. To do the chair squats, you should stand in front of the chair with the feet a bit far apart. Lean forward and bend your knees. Do the squat for 10 to 12 times.

standingcalfraisesStanding Calf Raises

Another great exercise routine would be the standing calf raises. Using the edges of the stairs, books or wood blocks, you can step on these surfaces both your legs. Stand on the edge, bend and lower your heels. Continue doing the exercise until you feel that strong stretch. Do the movement slowly for 12 to 15 times.

jumping jacksJumping Jacks

Without the need for any tool, you can do the jumping jack exercise. This routine is good to warm up the body and to stretch your muscles. Stand with your feet together and your arms placed at the sides. Jump and put your arms up. Go back to your original position while jumping. You can increase the intensity. Do this exercise for about 3 to 5 minutes.